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Phoenix Accident Lawyer

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Phoenix Accident Lawyer

Phoenix Accident Lawyer
 Phoenix Accident Lawyer

When accidents happen, there are many thoughts that go through the minds of those involved.  Finding an attorney is not necessarily one of them. However, with the grudging attitudes of many insurance companies, coupled with the state's statute of limitations, any victim of an accident in Arizona should contact a Phoenix accident lawyer as soon after the accident as possible.

A Phoenix accident lawyer can help you understand the need to compile all documentation about the accident, as well as explain the types of losses that may be recoverable from the responsible party in any type of accident. Some accident victims may be of the opinion that the cost of property damage and their medical expenses are the only compensation they can hope to win, but there are other costs associated with an accident that are recoverable such as the cost of renting a vehicle to take the place of one rendered unusable in an accident.

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There are different types of compensatory damages that can be recovered in an accident, such as general damages, (the amount required to restore any damaged property to the condition it was in prior to the accident) as well as damages such as car rental; towing and storing of the vehicle until its condition has been appropriately assessed; and any out of pocket expenses to help make that determination. By working with an experienced Phoenix accident lawyer, these expenses can be explained and documented.

If injuries are involved in the accident, medical costs such as fees for doctor and hospital visits are included and if any time is lost from work, wages lost due to the accident or recovery from the injuries are also included in medical costs that are recoverable from the responsible party in the accident. There may also be some incidental damages available for compensation such as costs associated with making copies of reports and photography copies if required when documenting damages resulting from the accident.

In most accident cases, punitive damages are probably not recoverable unless the accident occurred as the result of willful destruction or the offender was acting in a reckless or irresponsible manner. In these cases the charge is usually assessed in an effort to deter the type of behavior from occurring in the future. When you contact your Phoenix accident lawyer, he or she can make the determination if punitive damages are available on a case-by-basis.

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One of the most challenging expenses to calculate is the cost of future damages. Following the initial medical examination and treatment it may be necessary to get additional medical care in the future. Many times, these charges can be determined and when working with a Phoenix accident lawyer; your accident attorney can typically come up with a valid estimate of the cost of continuing care. Any charges that might be considered speculative are usually dismissed from the claim for compensation.

Once the calculations have been completed, the lawyer can meet with attorneys representing the defendant or their insurance company and begin negotiating a fair and equitable settlement. There will be push back from the insurance company, which makes it important to have all documentation and receipts regarding any claimed loss in hand when speaking with your lawyer.

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